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Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Frank is an award winning video producer/director/editor and DVD authoring technician.  Frank has extensive experience in DVD creation, graphics for television, digital video editing and DVD and CD duplication project management. 

Frank's clients include such companies as General Electric, Harley Davidson, HBO and the Milwaukee Ballet Company.  He is an accomplished videographer and his HD video footage is represented by the prestigious Getty Images Library of Stock Footage.

Frank was Assistant Vice President of USBank Corporation's (Firstar Corporation) Media and Video Services Department for twelve years before entering the sales and marketing side of the video business.  He has also been involved in the production of many independent film projects including the award winning short film "Wishtaker" starring "Seinfeld's" recurring cast member Mark Metcalf.

Marc studied radio and television broadcasting at the School of Communication Arts in Minneapolis. He was then hired as the principal videographer for a nationally syndicated outdoors television series. He has spent the last sixteen years working for one of the country's largest media duplication companies.

Marc has extensive experience in the DVD duplication and CD Duplication industry including production and printing of optical discs as well as 10 years of DVD and CD duplication and replication facility and personnel management.

About Us

Disc Cloners Plus does not have a retail space or fancy office to support. 

Everyone knows the client is the one who ends up paying for these luxuries and overhead. 

At Disc Cloners Plus, we’d rather invest in state-of-the-art equipment and materials. 

We differentiate ourselves by striving to provide superior personal service and by offering

things others can’t (or can’t afford to) provide for their clients, like free local delivery, free art

set-up and free graphic layout and design assistance.

The primary partners in DIsc Cloners Plus, have over 45-years of combined video, film,

DVD authoring and manufacturing experience.

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